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Confused with differences in uploads on wifi

by Guest on 2019/02/04 07:20:11 PM    
I got tired of all the ads on a popular torrent downloader and recently have given Tixati a try - all things operate as expected. I travel extensively for work and commonly use Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels, etc. I have not had difficulty down/uploading torrents at any of these locations.

Here is the issue:

At a well known coffee shop franchise, I can upload, but only the same 3-4 torrents. When I use Wi-Fi at other locations (hotel, restaurant, wherever) I upload a couple dozen torrents. Upload speed is comparable in most all cases.

I'm trying to understand how to alleviate this issue at the coffee shop. With 150+ torrents available on my laptop, the coffee shop has resulted in one small file at 85G and counting, while the vast majority of the others have yet to surpass 100M

All files are set for constant uploading and have the same trackers assigned to them. While at the coffee shop, I can see that many of the files have peers looking to download from me but they never do. Anywhere other than the coffee shop, the 3-4 files download at the same rate as the dozens of other (approx. 10-20k)

A solution will be greatly appreciated
by Guest on 2019/02/04 07:47:53 PM    
As a follow up

I am writing this message while using Wi-Fi at a restaurant. I currently have 29 torrents uploading at speeds from 2 - 80Kb/s

I was at the coffee shop franchise earlier today - 2 of the files most commonly uploading using their Wi-Fi were in process - 1 averaging approximately 1.5Mbs; the other approximately 70Kb/s. Peers noted on many of the torrents, but unable to download

Most torrents are reasonably newly released

I'm entirely confused
by Guest on 2019/02/14 11:13:43 AM    
could the WiFi at the different locations be different speeds? maybe one is worse than the other?

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