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How to change download location without rechecking the files.

by Gofri on 2019/02/02 04:40:15 AM    
I had to reinstall my OS (Manjaro Linux) so I saved the ".tixati" folder to save the settings.

The only change that I made, I moved all the downloads into another folder. So basically nothing changed in the files, they just moved to another location.

After reinstalling everything, started up Tixati and I tried to change the download location to the new folder.
It said something about conflicting files, so I clicked on the MERGE button. I expected that now everything will be as before, so the already finished downloads will be seeded immediately and the unfinished ones are continue where they left.
BUT! Tixati now wants to recheck all and every file. I don't understand why, all the files and everything is the same, they just moved to another folder. I just changed the download location.

I don't want to recheck them, because nothing is changed, they just moved to another location.
How I can set the new folder without rechecking all and every file? I really don't want to recheck them, because those files are totalling several hundreds of gigabytes. Checking them will take so-so-so much time and there is really no reason to do it.

How I can skip the rechecking?
by Pete on 2019/02/03 02:54:32 PM    
You can't, you'll have to hash check files. However you could workaround this by creating symbolic links in the old download location, pointing to the new one.
by Guest on 2019/02/05 07:46:07 AM    
Thanks. Too bad, that we don't have this option in Tixati, so we can move files to other locations without checking them.
When I said I moved the files, that means I already deleted the old folder. :(

Is that possible than, to request this to be a feature in later Tixati versions?

It is just really don't make much sense, because I never ever had any problems with any files that is used by any torrent programs. What I mean they never get damaged or anything while copying or moving them. So -to me- it makes not much sense to recheck them. Why they needed to be hash checked when nothing changed? Can you explain it more technical?

As far as I know, if the data not changed (like in this situation, because moving the file does not change the content of the files), than the hash doesn't change too. Those files doesn't even really move anywhere physically, only the path changes.
I understand that, if I want to be sure, that the data that I downloaded from somewhere is really the original data, it has to be hash-checked. But in this case all the data (all the folders and files or anything that the torrent contains) are already downloaded successfully, because most of them I'm already seeding them without problem. So, again, I see no point on re-hashing them. I feel this, in this situation, is just a unnecessary paranoid thing.
by Guest on 2019/02/05 07:52:17 AM    
if you would have moved them with tixati you would not have to recheck them.

and it has to recheck them because tixati thinks they are new files it has not seen before / does not know that nothing has changed.
by Pete on 2019/02/05 03:29:06 PM    
Guest is right, Tixati regards those files as new so it hash checks if they match.
by loninappleton on 2019/02/13 04:29:09 AM    
A related question:  I want to set up an SSD boot drive and point my tixati to the present HDD.  The content is in the C: root.

 How can I change my config and will doing so cause any of the checking or mismatches described above?  Please give direct paths to the fields to change.  My tix torrents and content exist in the same folder. The program is located in the normal x64 folder.

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