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Suggestion: navigate download list by pressing letter

by Student94 on 2019/01/31 11:40:36 AM    
If you have a lot of torrents, scrolling through the list can be cumbersome.

When in the 'Transfers' view of Tixati you can sort your transfers alphabetically.
It would be very useful if the user could simply press a letter on their keyboard, and the program would scroll down to the torrents that start with that letter.
Kind of like how most file explorers work.

Would it be possible to add this feature?

Best regards.

(I have a lot of torrents since I seed a few thousand (OPEN SOURCE) ebooks. The authors have given their permission for unlimited redistribution as long as it is done free and unmodified. They are available online when first published, but since these obscure books generate few visitors most file repositories delete them after a few years. So if you want an unusual but irreplaceable manual published in 2012, you're out of luck. So download and seed the ones that on unlimited redistribution licence to keep knowledge alive.)
by Pete on 2019/01/31 05:29:22 PM    
Try the Text Filter enabled from Layout button. The Tree View is awesome (also Layout button) for long lists of transfers.

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