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Torrents going into download folder only

by Guest on 2019/01/18 11:48:49 PM    
Hi Everyone
Long time since I have used the program, and can't remember how to link the torrents to automatically start-up in Tixati.
The torrents are going into the download folder but I have to right click the file and point it to the Tixati program in C.
If I click on a Magnet link next to the torrent on the website it goes straight into Tixati and works fine.
Just how do I set it up so as soon as I click on the torrent it opens in Tixati without me right-clicking.
cheers, thanks for any advice.
PS during installation I made Tixati the main program for torrents.
by Guest on 2019/02/08 04:07:56 PM    
I had the same problem, but this werked just fine:

If you have already set up Tixati to load torrents automatically when you were installing it, try to do it again, from a torrent archive, by open with... and selecting the program manually. Seems stupid and simple, but it was the easiest solution for me.

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