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Tixati occassionaly blocks new program install(s)

by Easy_Rider on 2018/11/30 03:30:31 PM    
In order to install some programs in Ubuntu 18.04, Tixati has to be removed.
I really like the design and workings of Tixati, except for the situation of blocking
the installation of some programs.
Because of this situation I have removed Tixati from my system.
by Guest on 2018/11/30 05:11:18 PM    
what programs cant be installed?

what is the error you get?
by Easy_Rider on 2018/11/30 09:09:25 PM    
This situation happened over 4 months ago and I did not pay attention to what program was being installed.

The program being installed complained about Tixati interfering with the installation and the program immediately terminated.

No other warnings were given.

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