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[FEATURE REQUEST] Block files by type (filename extension)

by Guest on 2018/11/17 11:31:53 AM    
Please add a filename extension/type blacklist to Settings->Files. When the user adds a transfer, Tixati would not select files with the blacklisted filename extensions, but the user could still manually select them. For example, the user could block EXE and other dangerous files if he/she desires.
by Guest on 2018/12/06 11:35:47 AM    
I second this request. I can not have downloads start automatically because I unselect the file types that are useless to me. I COULD just delete them later but it would be irresponsible to waste bandwidth and torrent resources to download something I was going to immediately delete.

It would also be nice if the filter had an option for filename extension with above/below a certain file size.

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