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[BUG] Tixati sometimes corrupts files during automatic moves

by PhoenixNL72 on 2018/11/15 03:26:57 PM    
I've experienced the following last night.
Possibly Relevant Settings:
- Transfers->Files: Move individual files immediately upon completely = On
- Transfers->Files: Use polling method to watch folders (slower but more reliable) = On
- Transfers->Files: Directly move file/folder if possible when changing location = On
Downloaded a multi file torrent to my internal HDD. And set it to move files upon completion to a NAS share.
I also turned all files in the torrent to Ordered priority and Sequential to on.
The next morning the torrent had the status 100% complete
I tried opening the first file. But it didn't play.
So I Forced a recheck. All 36 files only contained the first and last blocks. From the 14.2GB torrent only 50mb remained completed after the check. And there were no files at the original download location.
It seems as if the files got allocated on the NAS, but the move somehow failed, but the source files were still deleted.

This happened to all the torrents I downloaded last night and had set to my internal HDD and to move to my NAS on completion.
However files I had set to download directly to my NAS and then to move to another subfolder on the same share completed and moved correctly!

Tixati version: 2.58 x64
Running on Windows 7 x64

NAS in question: Synology 1812+

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