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Programmatic control of Tixati (or counting torrents)

by Guest on 2018/11/14 11:34:42 PM    
I have a large folder of downloads from X tracker. This folder has some files which were removed from the tracker and don't have an associated torrent. I'd like to find these files, and I can think of two methods:

Either programmatically get a list of torrents from Tixati through some method and compare this to the file list of the download folder,

or if I could simply get Tixati to tell me how many torrents are in the current view, then I could simply search for the tracker, compare the number of results to how many files I have in the folder, then manually find what is missing. Though this isn't ideal.

Are either of these solutions possible or planned to be implemented, or is there another way I could achieve what I want?

by Pete on 2018/11/15 05:59:23 PM    
You can use Move function in Tixati to relocate all transfers form the tracker to a new folder. This way in the new folder you'll have all files that are currently loaded as transfers in Tixati, and in the old download folder files you don't seed anymore. The Move function is in the Transfer's context menu > Local Files > Location > Move. This should be nearly instantaneous if both folders are on the same drive.
by Guest on 2018/11/15 07:16:10 PM    
Oh, that's a smart solution. Seems to work fine, thanks!

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