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Category Button in Transfer Popup Window

by HyeVltg3 on 2018/11/12 08:41:24 PM    
After reformatting windows 10 and reinstalling Tixati, I am unable to find the location where you turn this feature on.
After opening a .torrent file or clicking a Magnet link the smaller window appears that shows file and allows you to change Save and Seed locations.

At the top-right of this window there a was button to select a pre-configured Category, this button is now gone.

I am both asking how to enable this OR if this was removed in 2.58 ?

Please help
by Pete on 2018/11/13 03:40:52 PM    
Firstly enable Categories on the Transfers view by turning on Layout > Categories. After that you'll find more options to experiment with under the Layout > Categories submenu.
by HyeVltg3 on 2018/11/13 06:34:45 PM    
That is so weird. I have all these options checked and was not seeing the Transfer window's category sub-menu.

So after you pointed out that this is the option that enables it. I unchecked the box. closed tixati > reopen, checked box and tested a new magnet link > bam the wanted button now appears.

Thank you for the help in understand what option enable/disables this Category button.

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