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tixati reporting more data than it should to the tracker

by Guest on 2018/11/06 06:47:22 PM    
i was checking if some improvement was made recently but no it's still the same :-(

i've downloaded some torrents to check this:
the one i got from only one peer has the tracker reporting the correct file size

another with only a couple peers has nearly the correct amount, less than 2MB toom uch but another one with one seed but plenty of peers has 50MB in excess (517.65MB instead of 466.31MB).

while this is unimportant on public tracker, it can be problem on private tracker where you have to maintain a good ratio.

this kind of behavior hardly ever happen with utorrent, you need to get some bad pieces to see this and is the reason why i refrain from using tixati as my main client program because downloading a big torrent with loads pf peers but with a quite a slow speed will means a few hundred MB of data downloaded in excess.

on the other hand the data uploaded seems to be correct.
by Guest on 2018/11/12 12:32:04 PM    
tried again today,  612Mo download, data reposted to the tracker for download 656Mo. in the swarm mainly utorrent, different versions, one qbittorrent, one transmission, 2 libtorrent.

out of 19 seeds, i'm the only one not to have the correct number.
is it because tixati reports every data it receives when the others only report the data they write to the disk???

in the log, i'm seeing these, what do they mean??

block received not in request stack

no attached piece matches received block

block received out of sequence

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