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Is there a way to view "completed peers count" on trackers?

by MosDos on 2018/11/05 09:34:59 PM    
On some other clients like UTorrent, we can see the "completed peers count" on each tracker status, is there a way to enable that on Tixati?

If not, I wish it will be on next update.
by MosDos on 2019/03/24 04:23:03 PM    
Unfortunately, It wasn't added in v2.59,
but I still hope it'll be on the next update :)

To make things clearer, here's my suggestion:

* Output "completed peers count", something like that:
* Fix that issue where on some trackers we can't even know the seeds or peers count.
* Make tracker info faded (in gray if we talking about the black), until it get OK response, something like in the last screenshot.
  (I've checked color options and can't find that one)

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