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Dark Theme Compatibility in Windows 10

by Guest on 2018/10/07 06:13:27 PM    
Now that File Explorer has a dark theme in windows 10, is there a way to make the UI in Tixati play by the same rules?
Being able to customize the torrent field is fantastic for creating a dark theme, but the windows chrome is always bright white.
To be able to customize this to appear similar to the new File explorer would be excellent.
Thank you for the feature consideration.
by Guest on 2018/10/14 05:26:37 PM    
There are quite a bit of theme/color schemes I have seen in the forum, but can't able to download them.
And yeah, since ther's now a dark color mode for Windows (and I'm using it) I wish a decent Black/Dark color scheme for Tixati.
by Guest on 2019/10/19 08:35:26 AM    
Based on pictures if you search for Tixati Dark theme, some people have mangaged to get the gui completely dark. I have no idea how they manage this.

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