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More than one categorie for a torrent or a tag system

by Guest on 2018/09/10 01:36:12 PM    
I love the categories system on Tixati, it's really powerful, but I would love the possibility of adding a torrent to more than one category, or maybe a tag system to complement it.

For example, I sort my torrents by what they are (music, movies, apps, games, etc), so it automatically sets the right folder to download to.
When I'm downloading from a private tracker, I would also like to tag or add it to a tracker specific category, so that it auto sets the torrent for "Constant seeding".

Is there any chance something like this is added in the future, or it's already possible to do it (and I just don't know)?

Thanks in advance, love Tixati!
by Bugmagnet on 2018/09/14 09:54:47 PM    
I like the idea of multiple tags or "key words"

i.e. environment and water
environment and carbon
environment and climate
environment and pipelines
by Guest on 2018/09/15 01:24:11 AM    
have you guys tried using the 'description' column?
by Guest on 2019/09/15 11:04:37 AM    
Any changes on this issue?

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