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Host not found (49410)

by Guest on 2018/08/30 07:44:38 AM    
I try to download somethings but all the trackers status got a same output which is "Host not found (49410)"
by Bugmagnet on 2018/08/31 11:31:15 PM    
I think this simply means that the tracker(s) have gone out of business. The hostname is no longer registered and actively hosted.

add some working trackers and hope for some DHT hits i guess.
by Guest on 2018/09/04 05:24:11 AM    
but i try other hash link but still same...
by Guest on 2018/09/29 11:47:24 AM    
maybe my ip were problem.
by dkcrockett on 2020/06/26 06:49:17 PM    
I am having the same problem with my first new seed. I have added about 20 trackers, and I still don't get any responses from peers. I have tried adding both a .torrent file and a magnet link.   Can someone help me to understand if I am doing something wrong?
by Napsterbater on 2020/06/28 01:02:33 AM    
At one point, if you had "IPv6 Prefered" selected, Tixati would ONLY query for AAAA (IPv6) records, and many trackers do not have IPv6, and thus you would get Host not found.

It should query for both AAAA and A, and prefer based on you selection, but it didn't not sure if that still is the case though.

If you do not have IPv6 Prefered selected in Settings -> Network -> Connections, then this is not your issue.
by Guest on 2020/06/29 08:28:56 AM    
Thanks for this suggestion.  I just checked, and my connection is set for IPv4 preferred.   I still cannot share my new seed.

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