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Tixati I2P Support

by 4P8xjZrpFe6rsVUkwkgP on 2018/08/19 09:53:06 PM    
I strongly recommend that Tixati work to include I2P support. I2P is a decentralized file-sharing protocol similar to Tor. However, it is typically more effective at sharing files than Tor. As a result, other torrent clients, such as Vuze, support I2P.

Using I2P is a preferred torrent anonymization technique. It is more effective than encryption alone, since it routes traffic through different peers. While I2P traffic is slower than a direct clearnet connection, it offers a simple way to gain anonymity without trusting a VPN provider.

Since Tixati is written in C++, it could consider i2pd or Kovri. Both are I2P routers written in C++. i2pd is full-featured, and Kovri is stripped-down. I believe that Kovri provides enough functionality for a torrent client.
by Guest on 2018/08/22 02:11:28 PM    

by Guest on 2018/09/17 02:59:13 AM    
+1 too
by Guest on 2018/10/04 12:38:09 AM    
Second this also as long as it is optional and not forced or standard
by Guest on 2018/10/26 05:32:11 PM    
Another upvote for I2P.
by Guest on 2018/12/09 07:46:24 PM    
by Guest on 2019/01/25 09:51:42 AM    
Any news about this? Will this be implanted soon?
by Guest on 2019/01/27 10:20:04 AM    
I never heard for I2P before, so when I read that it offers increased anonymity, it got my interest.
But now I search to find more about it and now I'm not so sure if I would like to use it. This is actually a darknet, if I understand correctly. Criminals using it, I mean a real hardcore criminals, like drug dealers, murderers, pedophiles ...
Maybe I don't understand something, but how would this be safer to use then normal torrenting if the traffic will go through computers from above mentioned criminals?

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