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Bug: Upload & Download Limits Not Working, Again

by washere on 2018/08/16 01:55:01 PM    
Upload & Download Limits not working, again.

This was an old problem, but was sort of fixed.

In latest build, the bug is back. I tried several torrents and neither limits work. Nor setting custom limits.

Will be reverting to an older version.

This is a basic setting, probably the most essential setting, for any torrent app.

Thanks for the great work.
by Guest on 2019/01/28 03:28:19 PM    
Check if a global outgoing limit is set.
by fatguy1121 on 2019/02/25 08:58:29 PM    
I discovered this happens when using auto limit. Dont use autolimit if your system is set with ipv6 as primary. i.e. you ping and it resolves to an ipv6 address.

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