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Bandwidth Throttle not set

by Guest on 2018/07/27 04:15:56 PM    
Whenever I set the priority of a torrent or file, tixati pops up an error message that doing this has no effect unless a bandwidth throttle is set. I've now disabled this message, because it is a lie!

It very much does have an effect. Even with no throttle at all, the priority controls how the bandwidth is divided. If i put a file on ultra high it finishes first

so this is a bug report. please remove that false error message from future builds
by Guest on 2019/11/16 11:21:48 PM    
I know this is old but I wanted to clear the air for others that come across this. The person that stated " this is a lie" is incorrect. There are so many varying factors to explain how and why this persons specific circumstances may coincidentally be allowing their higher priority torrents to finish first, so I won't even begin to try.

 In the simplest way to allow prioritizing your torrents properly, just use the "Auto Limit" feature under the bandwidth tab. This will allow more bandwidth towards your higher priority torrents, and more than likely they will finish before lower priority torrents. Remember, just because you give more bandwidth to a torrent, doesn't mean it will finish before say, a smaller file size torrent or a more complete torrent.

 I'm not a developer, just a long time user and supporter of Tixati.

 Many thanks to the devs of Tixati for keeping this great p2p client free to use!

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