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Feature Request: Sortable "Status" Column for Trackers Tab

by maczmail on 2018/07/13 09:36:47 PM    
It is would be useful to sort the trackers column by status so that you can prune out failed, or timed out trackers.  This will allow the user to more easily make room in long tracker lists for more recent, live trackers if they can be found.
by maczmail on 2018/10/13 05:35:24 PM    
Just following up on this.  Hope someone sees it.
by Guest on 2020/01/15 07:43:02 PM    
+1 on that feature!
by JayVanDo on 2020/03/20 05:04:07 PM    
yep, +1 from me too
by pwnagotchi on 2021/10/07 05:54:42 PM    

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