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Symbolic links

by Guest on 2018/07/04 12:16:11 PM    

Seems tixati doesn't recognize symbolic links, at least on my system
May anybody try it please, just to check it's not something affecting only me. Or perhaps torrent clients are unable to work with these type of links.

download a torrent with multiple files
set torrent to offline status
move (outside tixati) some of the files to another location
create symbolic links pointing to those moved files
recheck the torrent

for me, only the files that, as expected, were NOT moved are recognised, all the sym links appear to be invisible to tixati.

tixati v2.57
windows 10 pro x64

by Guest on 2018/07/06 11:57:12 AM    
An alternative would be changing your file's location by right-clicking in your torrent -> location -> move and then create a direct access for your desired file.

I have Tixati's data symlinked to an encrypted hard drive and it works properly. But I don't use Windows, so there might be something wrong going on there.
by Guest on 2018/07/12 03:18:20 AM    
Symlinks work at the operating system level both on Windows and GNU/Linux so Tixati should have no problem with them. Try creating the symlinks before you move them to another directory.
by Guest on 2019/04/03 12:03:47 AM    
I would like to switch to tixati but I cannot get it to work with symbolic links like I am doing on my current client. Every time I restart torrent or program tixati thinks all files with symbolic links are missing and tries to recheck all such files. It rechecks them all right but problem always reappears on next restart. Symbolic links are ok and every other torrent client and windows programs i use recognizes them.
by Guest on 2019/04/03 04:43:42 AM    
Interesting enough I tried some older version of tixati 2.19 and 2.28 portable and it worked correctly, every symbolic links is recognized. Then I just replace exe file with version 2.58 or 2.59 and it is file missing for all symbolic links. I replace exe file again with 2.19 and again it is ok... Well I guess it is return to utorrent again.
by Guest on 2019/04/06 12:42:21 PM    
Bump. Just tried with Tixati 2.59 on Windows, doesn't work with symbolic links.
You can create such a (file) link with "mklink <name> <point to path/name>" - Force Check doesn't work and starting the torrent instantly aborts with "error opening file for allocation: access denied, another program may have this file open (5)"

HOWEVER, the NTFS hardlinks work: "mklink /h <name> <target>" - unfortunately they only work within one partition.
Poor symlink support in programs is a pity.
by Pete on 2019/04/09 03:09:24 PM    
I haven't tried file symbolic links. Folder symbolic links worked OK for me on Windows 8.1 using Tixati v2.58.
by Guest on 2019/06/18 02:08:40 AM    
Problem still present in 2.61 every restart of tixati it rechecks every symbolic link to files.
by Nz08a on 2019/06/27 04:09:03 AM    
Currently I rename all applicable files using Filebot, setting Filebot to crate a symbolic link, to the renamed file. So that Tixati can continue seeding torrent. As the original poster has said when you try to restarts or the Torrents or stop start Tixati the files are read as if they have a zero file length.

Folders work fine, Just not files.

Using hard links at this moment is not appropriate or viable for me.

Using Windows 10 64bit atm.

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