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Error Loading Config File, error code 3

by joshisanonymous on 2018/07/03 09:27:30 AM    
My computer froze up while Tixati was running and needed to be restarted. When I try to start up Tixati, it now tells me that there's an error loading the config file (error code 3). Regardless of which option I choose, I still can't get past this screen. I've also tried installing Tixati again over my current installation. What could be happening here?
by joshisanonymous on 2018/07/03 03:59:33 PM    
Never mind. Apparently, every time I opened Tixati, it was showing an error for a different config file. To fix the issue, I had to close and reopen Tixati about 8 times, each time choosing what to do with a different config file.

Perhaps a useful update for Tixati would be to have it deal with all config file errors in one go if possible since this is pretty confusing from the user's perspective.
by Guest on 2019/05/29 10:31:49 PM    
I'm getting the same code sign. Is there a working app to install for windows 10. I see i'm not alone. Is there an application similar?
by Guest on 2020/05/24 06:10:25 PM    
I had the same issue and the solution fixed it!

Each time I opened tixati it was giving a different config file error. So I clicked to delete and recreate the file. Opened again and did the same thing for the next file and so on until all the files it was looking for were recreated. My list of previous torrents is gone but whatever, it's working now.

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