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Sorting columns

by Guest on 2014/03/14 12:59:41 PM    
In the past when I had Tixati installed, whenever I clicked on a column name, it would sort the files in ascending or decending order.  Now after I had to reinstall my computer, clicking on the column name nothing happens.  Is this something that's wrong with the client, or something that I haven't set on the client?
by Pete on 2014/03/14 03:00:42 PM    
To enable column sorting, go to: Layout > Sortable View.
by Guest on 2014/03/14 03:56:22 PM    
Ah that's the ticket.  Thanks for the help.
by Guest on 2020/07/16 04:50:34 PM    
thought that's the bug, tried to upgrade and finally started looking for the bug tracker, that is brought me to here ;)
thanks for tip, not-a-bug, everything is worked but just out of curiosity - why would make layouts not sort-able by default?
or if i choose is once, layouts would be sorted even after the next upgrade?

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