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[bug] [gui] Sorting by "Status" in Files tab of torrent

by Guest on 2018/04/20 03:51:11 AM    
Sorting by "Status" column in Files tab of a torrent in Transfers tab does not behave as expected.

The status column contains the downloaded percentage of each file, but a (r) or (w) is suffixed after the percentage. For some reason, when ordering files by Status column this suffix breaks the correct ordering (for example "66% (r)" appears above "90%" and then a few seconds later when "(r)" is removed, "66%" goes back to the correct place below "99%").

Please check this picture to understand:

In a very active torrent, where the (r) and (w) suffixes come and go in different files many times per second, this makes the list of files being constantly resorted and files dancing constantly up and down in the Files tab. It's difficult to even select a file for right click.
by WaltP on 2019/06/17 01:16:39 PM    
I would also request that the (r) (w) and (rw) not be involved in the sort. When I need to click on a file, it disappears and I click on the wrong file.

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