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New seeded torrent not functionaing after clone backup

by loninappleton on 2013/08/11 07:10:58 PM    
Yesterday (8-10-13)  I made a new torrent, it seeded and got a handful of other seeders going from the index site.  I make a whole drive clone after a new one so that my stats and new seed info do not get lost due to some HD malfunction.

My torrent at the index site shows activity by others.

But in the old Tixati 1.92 which I still use because it is stable, only the new item in the torrent list shows no activity for seeding.  It just shows one leech as is common when first uploading to the index.

All the stats for the torrent look ok: 100% and 'green' in the file stat.

I am stumped.  Only the one item after HD backup won't seed.

The only solution I see from this is to remove my torrent file and request the seed and download it from scratch from the index.  That way I will lnow at least it will be available.

And yes, I'm back on the original hard drive.  The problem is the same.

New forum easy to read.  Glad things are going well for Tixati.  I've been a user for about half a year.

How can I set email verification for replies?

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