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[Request] Making Full file allocation more effiecient

by TX007 on 2018/03/14 01:35:43 PM    

To make sure the download will not stop in the middle because of "not enough disk space" my favorite option when it come to file allocation is full allocation,  but Tixati takes very long time to allocate the files compared to uTorrent for example ( which take only few seconds to allocate a 20 GB file) , maybe uTorrent has some kind of trick to make this so fast, i hope next versions of Tixati will be able to do that too.
by Guest on 2018/03/14 09:20:09 PM    
What version of Tixati are you using ? The latest versions have already implemented "fast allocation" vs "sparse files" options which might be what you're looking for ? Try it out.
by TX007 on 2018/03/16 02:16:43 PM    
I'm using the latest version, the problem with both sparse and fast options , they don't reserve the necessary space for the file.
by Guest on 2018/03/21 03:49:55 PM    
2nd this, using fileshares for the download folders and sparse/fast arn't the best choice here.
by TX007 on 2018/03/28 01:43:24 AM    
It's possible to make Tixati start the download before terminating the file allocation (while using full pre-write mode)?

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