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Category Moved Torrent Folder Overwrites Data NUL. Why? Any Fix?

by crashnburn on 2018/02/05 02:21:24 PM    
Category Moved Torrent Folder Overwrites Data NUL. Why? Any Fix?

Tixati 2.43 Portable on External HDD

E:\APPS\Tixati\downloads\CategoryX\"Torrent Folder Name\Files" - 4GB data
E:\APPS\Tixati\downloads\CategoryY\"Torrent Folder Name" - Empty folder

Torrent was CATEGORY MOVED via TIXATI UI from X to Y.

In hindsight I should've removed the Empty Folder of same name.

Now I wonder if in such operations the CATEGORY MOVE does an OVERWRITE or what? SHOULD IT ASK IF EXISTING folder should be over written etc.?

Well, Apparently now I have

E:\APPS\Tixati\downloads\CategoryX\ - Folder is gone/ moved
E:\APPS\Tixati\downloads\CategoryY\"Torrent Folder Name" - It has 4GB data with all Files and Folders from the torrent... with the size & space on DISK AS WELL.  

BUT.. Forced Check/ Verify of Torrent & its files fails completely.. So to check i opened some .TXT files.
BUT.. The files are full of NULL - How do I know? I opened some .TXT / Files and in Notepad all I see is..


What happened?

Any way I can fix this? Any recovery mechanism or I have to redownload this torrent?

To avoid such NAME OVERLAP driven OVERWRITES what can we do in the future?
by Guest on 2018/02/19 01:32:55 PM    
what OS?

you should probably upgrade your tixati to version 2.56 and see it if happens.

are you sure the folder with the same name was empty?

are you sure all the files were complete?

what is the error you get when you force check?
by crashnburn on 2020/05/06 06:13:08 AM    
Win 8.1 x 64

Yes, emopty.

Yes, complete - thats why I was reorganizing / trying to move categories/ folders.

No Error, it just would not verify the files and I had to ReDownload the entire torrent.
by Guest on 2020/05/06 07:17:17 PM    
This is from over two years ago, from like 20-30 versions of Tixati ago. Is it still relevant as per the current version ?

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