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Tixati v2.55 can't resolve any tracker

by Posco on 2017/12/09 02:39:01 PM    
I have a problmen with just fresh installed Tixati v2.55
I cant resolve any tracker, firewall is disabeled, everyting is fine and other torrent client works great.
Do you have any idea?
Tixati v2.55 and Windows 10 x64
by Napsterbater on 2017/12/10 11:10:48 AM    
Do you have "IPv6 Prefered" or "IPv6 Only" selected in the Connection Setting screen, under network mode?

If so, select IPv4 "Prefered", this is a Bug, I have reported it for a while. It has not been fixed.

Basically Tixati ONLY tries to get AAAA (IPv6) records in those modes, which makes sense for IPv6 only, but not for IPv6 prefered.
by Guest on 2020/11/03 03:45:52 PM    
Try Settings -> Network -> Connections -> "Reset to Defaults"
by Guest on 2020/11/11 12:00:41 PM    
Why resurrecting a three-year-old topic about a long-time obsolete version of Tixati ?

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