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Maximum download slots...

by Doriphor on 2013/08/10 07:00:31 AM    
Can someone please tell me why this is still set to 200? I know most connections will never reach this quantity, but doesn't such a small limit seem arbitrary? It would be like limiting download speed to 5MB/s saying that most people can't get there anyways (I usually max out around 12MBps and I'm sure some go a lot further) I usually reach 200 peers really quickly, and even just manually deleting the timed out peers that occupy slots significantly increases my DL speed for some difficult torrents. Besides, it shouldn't affect performances for anybody but those who go over 200, and it should be really easy to change for the next update... :( Pretty please?
by Bugmagnet on 2013/08/10 05:52:03 PM    
I could be wrong...again...

But I think the limit on "Slots" relates to the number of active torrents, not the number of peers/seeders connected.
by Doriphor on 2013/08/13 05:47:34 AM    
No yeah you're right about that part, I was talking about the Network/Connections tab : Maximum peer connections per transfer (also maxed at 200). I'm sorry, I messed up with the post title :(

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