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Tixati 1.96

by Guest on 2014/02/23 02:16:31 PM    
Hello, I'm having problems. All of my torrent downloads stopped working (including stuff, that were seeding). First thought, maybe the link server was down (although I have no idea if it matters, I'll just put out everything I know). I got quite fed up for not finding the answers on net about any serious server down notices, so frankly I even went so far to download another torrent downloading client.

Now I want you to know, I have been a Tixati user for ages, but some things started happening untop of not being able to download or upload anything: When I tried to set broadband priorities, to see maybe if that helped, Tixati crashed. Tried to limit uploading limit also, crashed. But not that it mattered, still nothing was working.

Re-installed Tixati, restarted my computer - still - nothing was working.

Then I finally went desperate to download a second torrent downloading client - u-torrent. But same story with their product! I tried multiple different sites like "this", "that" & also some less-known.

So could somebody help me understand, what's not right?

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