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Add torrent dialog

by Guest on 2014/02/23 03:54:46 AM    
I'm in the process of moving from uTorrent to Tixati 1.96, and am moving over my torrents.

When I went to move the first batch over, the add torrent dialog box popped up and the process of selecting the source directory was straight forward enough, but then the choice of clicking a button labeled start and stop was confusing.

Instead, the buttons should be convey the choice, "add torrent, but do not start" vs. "add and start torrent".

The current "stop" button does not convey the idea of what it does at all.

My suggestion would be buttons labeled "Add Torrent" and "Add and Start Torrent".  Perhaps others can think of something more succinct.

All in all, I've found the client to be quite powerful so far, so good job guys and gals!

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