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So sad, my tixati keep crashing

by vinada on 2014/02/17 10:34:30 AM    
v1.96, win 7 32-bit, recently becomes unusable and keep crashing on Add torrent, open folder browser and change folder destination.  Tried reinstall, tried reset settings by deleting tixati folder in AppData, not help...

So sad that Tixati is by far the most impressive bittorrent client I have ever used. (utorrent, qBt, deluge, transmission, vuze, bitcomet, bittorrent, all fails)

Any suggestions on fixing this problem?
by Guest on 2014/02/19 03:49:20 PM    
Thats unusual.
I have Win 7 - 64 Bit.
And I downloaded and installed Tixati 64 bit.
And it runs smoother than any other I tried.
(Some competitors you listed already).

Are you really sure, you have the 32 bit version of Win 7
and are you really sure, you installed the 32 bit version of Tixati ?
by vinada on 2014/02/21 10:13:57 AM    
I got it finally!!  It's a software conflict!

Have tried remove a load of recent installed program and test one by one for a week, the culprit is the Box Sync 4!  Uninstalled that and Tixati works flawlessly again ;)

Box Sync 4 for Windows is a real piece of junk anyway, upload will give my network a huge traffic jam, the UI is laugh.  Just a lightyear away comparing Dropbox.  Happy I finally get a firm reason to remove it.  Sayonara.

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