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Keyboard shortcuts

by damd on 2014/02/17 03:20:43 PM    
Are there any? At the very least I'd like it if Delete removes the selected torrents!
by Guest on 2014/08/31 10:50:24 AM    
I've seen requests for keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for paying attention to that. The most important one would be CTRL-V to paste a magnet link.
by Somename3 on 2014/08/31 08:51:29 PM    
Yes, some key combinations would be nice: for me it would be Shift+Del for deleting torrent and files on disk (as it was in uTorrent for me).
by Jorge24 on 2015/08/29 09:57:17 PM    
I would also like the Del and the Del+Shift keyboard shortcut, they're essential to me.
by reeefer on 2016/05/22 03:22:40 PM    
Esc to minimize. Thank you.
by Guest on 2016/05/24 01:09:41 PM    
ESC has never minimized anything in Windows.

ALT + Space + N = Minimize

Search windows keyboard shortcuts online.
by Guest on 2017/03/10 10:10:11 PM    
Would be nice to have shortcuts for downloading preview chunks first and for sequential downloading.  Or a possibility to set it up on a permanent basis in configuration.
by Guest on 2018/02/25 11:43:26 PM    
For those wanting to make some use of their keyboard when working with Tixati's interface, Autohotkey can be used.
I wrote a simple few-lines script to be able to use the Del key to activate the toolbar's Remove button. The action doesn't involve any mouse cursor moving, it uses ControlClick and works like a charm.
It can be used to activate most buttons on the toolbar for other shortcuts etc.
I use Autohotkey for many many purposes to ease my everyday work with Windows and programs.

#IfWinActive, Tixati v2.56 ahk_exe tixati.exe
ControlClick, Button87, Tixati v2.56 ahk_exe tixati.exe
by iqlogic on 2018/07/09 01:06:39 PM    
Nothing new here? Really missing Del and SHIFT+Del shortcut :(
by Guest on 2019/05/06 07:07:54 PM    
It's strange that Tixati is the most customizable client out there, yet it doesnt support the simplest keyboard shortcuts...
That delete alone would be a no brainer
by Guest on 2019/05/11 04:08:47 PM    
yes I agree some shortcuts for file list and new torrent prompt:

F1 = Enable Sequential (agressive)

F2 = Enable Front and Back First (agressive)

F3 = Ordered


"Delete" to deleted torrents, and in file lists to delete files
by Guest on 2022/04/15 10:38:06 PM    
I would like a shortcut to allow checking/unchecking a specific file while scrolling through the list of files in a torrent with the arrow keys... e.g.,
like the 'x' key in Gmail toggles an email on/off.

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