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Dual Private Tracker bug?

by gso on 2014/02/17 09:09:52 AM    
I uploaded a torrent to one private tracker this weekend but when I tried add another private tracker it wouldn't announce unless I told it to explictly. Once the 30 minute TTL expired its state went into Expired. I discovered that I can only get one (the first) private tracker to actually work as expected. For reference, I'm using Tixati 1.96 on Win7x64 and I have checked that I have no patterns in any of the three fields in Settings -> Transfers -> Trackers.
by gso on 2014/02/17 12:16:02 PM    

I nocticed that the tracked I kludged to the top of the list had a problem with the tracker timing out and it went on to Announce to the second tracker in the list so that further suggests that Tixati is only mainting only one tracker per transfer. This cannot be the right way to handle multiple trackers.
by gso on 2014/02/17 02:18:16 PM    

It turns out you can add a line to separate the trackers into groups. The result is that you can have a list of alternate tracker URLs for each individual group.

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