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Feature Request : Raw Data for incoming KBytes

by Guest on 2014/02/15 05:15:22 AM    
For both the Total as well as the individual file, the INcoming DL Bytes are averaged right now.
I assume, that Tixati averages about 3 to 5 readings, maybe even 10 readings.
Now the problem is, that in cases, where you have a Wifi connection, the wifi quickly
switches from 802.11 B through all speeds up to 802.11 G and then N,
until there is not a good connection anymore and the connection collapses totally.
In RAW data that would be visible as a SAWTOOTH like picture, a ramp up, then drops.
Through the averaging process, it looks like a GAUSS curve, which is wrong.
In theorie, the wifi has an automatic fall back feature. I have some doubt, that this always works.
By showing the RAW data (as an Option to the averaged data), a problem with the wifi could be easily identified.
Solution : Let the user choose in the settings, if he/she wants no averaging or with averaging.

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