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v1.96 Tixati freezes every 17 seconds.

by Alexis on 2014/02/07 12:16:39 AM    
Long time Tixati user, usually download in seconds. It's just that fast, but not on Windows 8, pre-installed. Every single 17 seconds it says it is not responding and freezes. Ten seconds later the download(s) continue.

I'm tearing my hair out and want to uninstall but I've been loyal for two years so...

It's just taking forever to download what should have been done in fifteen minutes.

Help would be much appreciated. I know y'all are busy but I'd really appreciate any advice from you.

by DrTeeth on 2014/02/11 11:15:38 PM    
I can induce this type of behaviour by downloading >30-40 torrents at a time.
by Guest on 2014/02/15 11:27:09 AM    
Does that happen on a Wifi connection ?
by Guest on 2014/02/17 11:34:53 PM    
Try turning off antivirus, look into event viewer. I had Avira which was causing freezes.
by Guest on 2014/04/16 03:31:41 PM    
same thing here, core i7 , 8gb ddr3, one torrent only, freezing coming back every now and then (like 3 or 4 times per minute)
by Guest on 2014/05/29 03:22:26 AM    
I have the same issue, my tixati 1.96 freezes once in a while once every 15-20 seconds, dropping all download and then continuing the download a couple seconds later. I tried to deactivate my antivirus; I'm using ESET nod32 antivirus (this seems to fix my issue) but it didnt happen with the previous version.
by Guest on 2014/08/07 03:11:15 PM    
i didnt have a problem with tix till a fresh win install...
Now it locks up every 15 seconds or so then resumes...
Tried compatibility, turning off firewalls, AV etc.. no luck
by John on 2014/08/08 05:48:50 AM    
Yes, this is a common problem. Tixati does freeze and the whole computer configuration hangs for half a minute, especially if you set the download bandwidth/priority of a specific torrent above normal. The CPU and RAM load is big, considering this is just a file-sharing client, so Tixati can freeze just because it has a lot of DL/UP tasks.

This is the reason why I'm currently not using Tixati and I'm anticipating the new fixed version.
by DrTeeth on 2014/08/08 07:57:45 PM    
I would just like to add that when this happens, *all* downloading stops and not just that activity attributed to Tixati. It is annoying buy just about livable-with as it is not that frequent.

I will look forward testing the alphas/betas when available.
by Guest on 2014/08/31 07:22:32 AM    
I am also having this problem with version 1.95 and then 1.98.  Has their been a solution found?  Thanks
by Guest on 2014/09/01 02:46:02 AM    
Do you have anti-virus or some sort of software firewall?  Try disabling.  Some of those things that want to track every connection and every UDP packet will choke under heavy load and hold up the entire OS.  Perhaps some crappy network cards / wifi drivers could do this too.  This is a niche problem.

For clues, maybe look under the Tixati help menu > diagnostics and try the "Proc Monitor" or "File Operations Log" to see if anything coincides with the system freeze.
by Guest on 2014/12/06 06:59:40 PM    
Any solutions to this problem../.  I ahae been facing it since I installed Win 8.1
by Guest on 2015/10/28 06:14:15 AM    
i have eset nod 32 smart security and when i read this thread i are having this problem too, i only realize that is a problem when i switched to bandwidth tab and i seen my network going up and totally down in the graphics, so i disabled the firewall of the anti virus and the torrent worked normally... thanks!!
by Guest on 2024/03/30 08:49:55 PM    
Same issue with Tixati 3.22 [2024] - Win 11 pro (Tixati tested running with/without GPU integration)

Please, Beware & don't disable your AV ... there are many IPs during Transfer that try to download other files (probably malicious) in your package out of the current content list. Absolutely not safe! Gridinsoft helps me a lot to keep garbage far away and definitively block bad guys.
Btw, many older Tixati releases don't have the same "freezed" big issue, so, for me, it's a problem that Tixati should review and solve.
by Guest on 2024/04/01 02:49:02 PM    
I get freezes with Tixati v3.xx (Win11 64)

C:\ = Windows SSD
D:\ = Tixati HDD

I download to my C:\ drive and on download completion it auto-moves to D:\

The freeze is caused by the system waiting for my D:\ hard disk to 'spin up'

I don't think Tixati is at fault, I get the freezing issue for many apps that look for D:\ drive data, even just opening C:\ - get not responding while D:\ starts

Windows is absolutely pathetic at handling this wait for disk spin up issue.

The annoyance for me when Tixati says "Not Responding" is it drops all the active transfers and traffic falls to zero.
Traffic flow halts are easily visible and prove on the graph. This is a Windows incompetence problem rather than Tixati I think?

Maybe a friendly Linux user can test on a setup the same as above to see what results?

Might be a different issue to other people's freeze issues. Please retest with latest Tixati and post about your issues. Thanks everyone.

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