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Maybe I'm doing this wrong...NEwb neeeds help !! please

by playd0e on 2014/02/05 06:45:17 PM    
Hey guys. So just switched to tixati today from utorrent and like it. Of course i'm experiencing difficulties since I'm a utorrent user for years and I'm sure that tixati has the same features...I'm just messing up somewhere.
   So First question is this. i think i've figured out how to download files into different locations. So far my method is to click the torrent and choose the location. One thing i loved about utorrent and am wondering if i could do it here is right before the torrent loads it shows you the information on the torrent, then whilst the tab is up you can choose the download location. So any way for me to get that type of setup. Where before the torrent loads I see the files and choose download locale??
   Second question is this. upon exiting Tixati I come back and my incomplete torrent files are gone. it would have to be annoying to go to the folder where the download (incomplete) is located and re-click to start every time. is there a way to show all torrents...whether incomplete or complete? See that was another feature utorrent had.You'd start the program and the incomplete files would continue or resume downloading... I added the tabs to the left hand side of my tixati ( the tab with complete/standby etc) but the incomplete ones are not in any of the selections....HELP please??
by Pete on 2014/02/07 04:21:35 PM    
Tixati can ask for download location each time you load a new torrent. Options for this are here: Settings > Behavior > Transfer loading/priority location prompt. You can set when this dialog window will open, how long will Tixati wait before it starts downloading, and how the download location paths are displayed (Location and MOC Controls - Editable Full Paths are the best IMO).

I never had a problem like your second one. Tixati always resumes all tasks for me, complete and incomplete. I think you could try to use one path for both incomplete and complete torrents and see what happens.

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