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Wrong calculation in Details Tab

by Guest on 2014/02/01 01:11:13 AM    
Situation :
I try to get a DL of 350 GB (yes 350 gigabyte), that consist of about 50 parts.
Just to find out, if the DL works, I had the DL limited to the first 3 parts only
with approximately 12 GB total.
The other 47 parts I had switched OFF from the beginning !!
Tixati did NOT initialize those 47 parts !!

Problem :
In the DETAILS tab, it tells me not the remaining pieces of the 3 parts, which are about 600.
It says 39000 pieces remaining.
That means, it also calculates the parts, that I had Switched OFF.

Same mistake is for the available copies.
I got already 53 percent of the 3 parts.
But it says 0,51 available copies.
Definitely wrong.

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