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internet connection keeps dropping

by jessie10133 on 2014/01/28 03:17:38 AM    
my internet connection keeps dropping when i leave tixati downloading it does it when im downloading for like 3 to 4 hours then it drops and when im downloading i cant do nothing like use firefox because it goes slow
by Pete on 2014/01/29 05:46:50 AM    
Read Optimize Tixati help guide, you need to set reasonable bandwidth limits, so Tixati won't disturb browsing that much. Try to limit connections number too. At Settings > Connections set Network mode to IPv4 only, set Maximum peer connections per transfer to lower number, for example 25 (55 is default, 25 is minimum).
by jessie10133 on 2014/01/30 02:22:12 AM    
thanks for the help but i really dont understand optimize info can you help me please i got Cable modems on a router wifi the problem is that my wifi internet keeps disconnecting when i use tixati to download for like 3 to 4 hours i had utorrent and it neva did this i like tixati alot but this is not good if my internet keeps disconnecting i hope u could help me and hope to hear from u soon...
by Pete on 2014/01/31 03:48:29 PM    
Set both outgoing and incoming bandwidth limits on 80% of your maximum bandwidth. Use to check your maximum bandwidth, go to settings on that site and change Speed Measurement to kilobytes (remember to save), then do some tests, use servers near you. Set Tixati to use IPv4 only and 25 peer connections per transfer. See if that helps.
by Guest on 2014/01/31 08:17:22 PM    
ok thanks for your help i did what u told me and i did the speed test and i keep getting different results this is what i get on upload first time i did the test it was 600 and something and then i got 300 and something the last test i got was 200 and something which one is it and what do i do with this test results...
by Guest on 2014/02/01 12:38:57 AM    
Are you sure, it is not your CPU overheating ?
If the CPU temperature goes above 70 C or something like that,
it also has the same effect.
Download SPECCY and watch your CPU temperature not being in the red.
by Guest on 2014/02/01 12:59:31 AM    
I had already 3 routers killed by overheating, until AT&T switched to Motorola.
Before that IIRC (If I Recall Correct) I had 3 Siemens.
All with the same effect. First the connection start dropping.
Then one day its dead.
If you limit the Throughput (Input and Output),
the dead through overheating is later, life is extended.
Basically its a design problem of many router manufacturers,
because they don't install a proper heatsink and ventilation gaps in their boxes.
A good heatsink is rather big and would make your device also bigger.
But all customers want a small tiny box.
Maybe you google your router name for overheating.
Then you know, if you have one of the sensibel devices.
by jessie10133 on 2014/02/03 12:13:35 AM    
thanks for your help and info yea thats the thing it cant be that because is only happening when i use tixati my wifi keeps disconnecting i had utorrent before and that neva happened and also i have Tixati 1.96 Portable Edition maybe thats why but i dont think so because i had tixati not the portable one and i had the same issue with my wifi disconnecting every 3 hour or so...
by Guest on 2014/02/03 08:08:37 AM    
youcan limit download speed in bandwidth
by Pete on 2014/02/04 01:25:10 PM    
You can try turning on the Auto Limiter (on Bandwidth view), it will limit your outgoing and incoming limits so that Tixati won't choke your connection.

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