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Tixati version 2.0 ?

by John on 2014/01/27 01:33:59 PM    
Hey guys, I was wondering - when is Tixati version 2.0 coming out?

I'm really looking forward for it.

by Bugmagnet on 2014/01/27 05:24:46 PM    
not even snowden or wikileaks knows the answer to that :)

maybe after 1.97, 1.98 and 1.99?

/me volunteers to do some beta testing for it though.
by janet on 2014/01/27 06:37:35 PM    
A new version is in the works, keep your pants on.
by Guest on 2014/01/30 12:07:05 PM    
Is 2.0 going to have a new look?
by Guest on 2014/01/30 05:53:59 PM    
Who says I'm wearing any?
by Guest on 2014/01/31 01:14:13 AM    
No,the developers haven't died,still alive.
If you do a good research about tixati and specially in this website you will find out that the devs will not update it anymore unless there is a big reason for updating like incompatibility with a new windows,being not able to download magnet,torrents anymore because of new innovation in torrents,otherwise the guys behind tixati don't think updating is necessary and they consider tixati is complete  easy and advanced and full rich of features which I actually pretty agree.

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