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Tixati on an SSD

by Guest on 2014/01/25 10:38:53 PM    
does it cause the drive to wear out sooner due to the way SSD work ?

If there is a choice is it better to use Tixati to download to an  HDD or an SSD ?

do torrents shorten the life of a solid state drive such as Samsung Evo, and if so what settings should be used to minimise it ?

thanks, any advice appreciated :)

btw, your spambot questions are not good for people with colour blindness :)  lol
by kxmp on 2014/01/27 08:40:51 AM    
It wouldn't shorten your ssd's life
but make a image of your ssd
If your system in you ssd.
After some months or years
sometimes you will not able to boot your system,And you bios can detect you SSD
Then you should wipe you ssd then you can use it
A block of your ssd can rewrite 1K times,then it will dead.
by Bugmagnet on 2014/01/27 05:22:02 PM    
color-blind issue was mentioned before.. good to remind again.

IMO, ssd make a great device for uploading, write once read many.. no problem

downloading works well too. it is the number of writes that causes SSD to deteriorate.  AFAIK, once the torrent content is written, it is not constantly re-written again and again. The data is static after download.

That makes ssd ideal for seeding.
by Guest on 2014/01/27 10:59:28 PM    
ahhh OK,

I thought that the way a torrent was downloaded and assembled could possibly cause an area of ssd to be written several times to assemble that part of the file.  would it depend on how the file was downloaded and how many fragments as to how many writes there were ?
by Pete on 2014/01/28 06:20:42 AM    
Well, SSD are small and expensive, I wouldn't say they are ideal ;) .

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