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Reporting a potential bug in tixati 1.96

by Guest on 2014/01/25 01:32:33 PM    
Hi I am a regular user of Tixati and I have been using it for quite some time.I noticed a strange with it.Whenever I connect an external storage device and start transferring files to it from my PC Tixati and all downloads freeze abruptly and all connections get reset.It mostly does not respond till the file transfer to external storage is completed.Not sure if its a problem specific to my system but its worth a shot looking into this.And I would also like to request a new feature which is the addition of support for secured trackers.Currently trackers with https is not supported which prevents me from using it with private trackers.

by Bugmagnet on 2014/01/27 05:12:11 PM    
I suspect what you are experiencing is a long known issue.  Something triggers tixati behavior that causes a CPUsage surge, to 100% for 30 seconds or more. When this happens, the computer is crippled and connections break, especially to chatrooms though torrent transfers are interrupted too.
by Guest on 2014/02/02 05:04:37 PM    
Tixati is not the only product that suffers this too. That other product thats up to around v3.3 also suffers a similara problem in that transfers slow or grind to a halt until the transfer is done. It even slows when the product itself moves file from the downloading location to the completed location.

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