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Tixati 2.53, IPv6 Prefered = Only AAAA queried for trackers.

by Napsterbater on 2017/06/11 09:52:45 PM    
Seems 2.53 has a DNS bug, With Ipv6 prefered it its only checking for AAAA record and not A. This results in any tracker with no AAAA (IPv6) failing with "Host not found".

Now if it was set to IPv6 only this could be acceptable, but IPv6 prefered should query both, and simply prefer IPv6 when it works.
by Napsterbater on 2017/08/11 10:30:45 PM    
This is still a bug in 2.55.

Steps to reproduce.

1: Set Ipv6 Preferred.
2: Let or Force Tixati to query a IPv4 only tracker. It will show "Host not found". sniffing traffic show Tixati only querying for an AAAA record only.

What should happen: Tixati in IPv6 prefered or IPv4 prefered should query for both AAAA and A, and prefer one or other but if one is missing use what ever is available.
by Guest on 2017/08/15 04:23:11 AM    
using ipv6 preferred few years now, never had this issues, nor do i have it now

any example of not working tracker?
by Napsterbater on 2017/08/15 07:30:15 PM    
Any, literally any tracker that has no AAAA/IPv6 will not resolve, Running wireshark shows only an AAAA queries no matter the tracker. And trackers show "Host Not found (49410)"
by Napsterbater on 2018/01/12 07:38:16 PM    
This is still an issue in 2.56.

Note this is on Windows, Specifically 2016 Server (i.e. Windows 10 Server)
by Napsterbater on 2019/01/24 01:36:04 PM    
This is still an issue on 2.58
by Napsterbater on 2019/08/10 08:47:29 PM    
Still happens in 2.62

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