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Import torrents files and data in Tixati from utorrent

by hikikomori on 2017/06/07 08:31:23 PM    

I Use both Tixati and Utorrent.
I want make migrate all torrents from Utorrent to Tixati.

NOT redownloading files, NOT drag .torrent files into tixati window.

My collection of downloaded movies structurized by genry by folders like as:


I cannot manually copy every .torrent into tixati and change location for every file - its over 3TB of data and near 1000 files...

How i can import all my seeding files with his path's from Utorrent into Tixati?
by Guest on 2017/06/08 02:55:46 PM    
Anyway, here's an idea: set the default Tixati download location to "/drama", and batch import all drama .torrent files, then change the default location to "/action", import the action movies, and so on.
by BRMateus2 on 2017/06/08 09:13:45 PM    
You can, change the default download location to one of those torrent folders, load all torrents and check, remove all those failed, and do this for all the other folders.
There is no way to edit the torrents so as to make the .torrent create an folder Drama and put the files inside, so you made an organized torrent folder, but the best way is to use the categories tab that each client implements.
Importing data is not possible; Tixati has its own import/export, which works pretty good if you don't forget to backup every update.
by ZarkBit on 2017/06/09 12:11:10 AM    
Tixati doesn't have a feature (although it would be revolutionary) to search for the proper files on disk, so you really have to add the .torrent files into Tixati and then tell Tixati the proper path for each individual torrent.

Good luck mate, I've been there.

One thing that would could do, but considering the amount of data you have it wouldn't be the best thing, is to place all movies into Tixati's download folder, and add all the .torrent files into it, I think you'd also have to disable the Load Transfer Prompt in tixati Settings so it would start the torrent and check its integrity, but then you'd have to move the files to its proper place, which would be time consuming. So not such a great option.
by Guest on 2017/06/23 03:37:00 AM    
"I cannot copy ___ TB of data in __ folders and __ files" You can, but you're trying to game with the system. Two recognized users explained the other options.
I offer you a different one, since the data and manual entry has to happen SOME TIME. I am offering you the option to do the back-end, not front end since your time is more valuable than to do this.
(It is understood when migration from disparate systems this backlog is needed, hence the IT from <-> to spend normally months setting up the systems where possible) I will be waiting on your local internet cafe street corner wearing the most hip shirt you can imagine and wearing the ID-10-T hat. Look for me
Or do it once setting up your existing folders as categories in Tixati (if you don't know read the manual) for each folder-- Like Zark says it will verify info against the existing torrent files in order, so really you don't need to SIT THERE for how ever long you think 3 TB will take to check... NOTE you don't want the computer doing any other disk i/o ... Tixati goes as fast as possible as long as there is 1) cache 2) RAM and 3) cycles BEING A TRIPOD you don't want 1 of those to disappear or you have a bottleneck...
Alternatively you can use AutoIT (windows only AFAIK) to script the keypresses. Or I guess open your computer up through remote connection and pay someone to do it for you
(750000 torrents 1 TB backup 22 categories here)
by hikikomori on 2020/02/17 04:46:58 PM    
Years have passed, And things are still there. I had to do everything with handmode. I did not wait for the import from the developers. Here is a video, sorry, only in Russian. But everything is clear from the footage and intonations.

(Video link removed by Mod)
by Guest on 2020/02/18 06:53:32 PM    
Just a tip, ask the Zarkbit user to support this idea, and the developer can implement it quickly, Zarkbit is very influent here on forum, belive me! :D
by hikikomori on 2020/02/19 02:30:05 AM    
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