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Slower Download

by Guest on 2013/08/07 10:19:04 PM    
I have been using tixati from more than 2 yrs and nvr had any bandwidth prb (big fan) but frm two-three days downloading is slower than other torrent client like ttorrent on my smartphone (i hate utorrent).  in torrent list it show low download speed than in status bar.. wht could be the reason?????? pls reply so i can start using it again.
by Doriphor on 2013/08/10 04:04:21 PM    
It might be an obvious idea, but I guess it's best to rule out the obvious first : Maybe your PC or router needs a reboot. If your phone is connected over WiFi, maybe your LAN is crippled. Or maybe your hard drive is just choking, you might wanna consider a defrag/deleting or backing up huge files you don't need. :)

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