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How to use choke and unchoke  feature ?

by Guest on 2013/08/07 08:48:39 AM    
I came across the choke and unchoke in peer section and was just curious to know what is the use of these features?
by Guest on 2013/08/10 06:42:16 AM    
Choke I haven't personally try it ever but I guess it's reversed from unchoke. Which about unchoke, read below:

I've got a example what it does, and what does it mean to me: (correct me if I was wrong)
Unchoke: when you in a seeding status, for example, you have got 5 peers leech from you. And in a active swarm, peers will always exchange and rearange between seeders, not staying for too long... but for some certain (or uncertain) reason, you want to stick with those peers even it's not optimized peers (not even matter to your file/content anymore, coz you're seeding in this example), then force unchoke those given peers and they likely stay with you until they're finish 100% torrent or they disconnect by themselves.

Practical purpose (for me, IMO): Unchoke may help you keep seeding for a certain group of peers when you're not in the top fast upload peers (seeders) list, prevent them completely leaving you and come to faster seeders. Only use for seeding purpose at this example.
by Bugmagnet on 2013/08/10 01:01:53 PM    
Force Choke / Force Unchoke
These options will force the peer into a choked or unchoked state. Choked peers will not be sent any file data. Normally choking and unchoking is done automatically based on how much file data the remote peer is sending.
by Pete on 2013/08/11 03:49:19 PM    
Choked peers are connected but won't get any data from you until unchoked. It's done automatically, but in Tixati you can manually force choke or unchoke a peer.
by Guest on 2021/02/10 10:32:51 AM    
Really no dark side jokes?
by Guest on 2021/02/14 02:50:21 AM    
found this piece of information:

• If peer is not uploading (only downloading) --> choke

source:  (it will dl Bittorrent.pdf its on page 7)

on peers - right mouse click - select either Force Choke or Force UnChoke

So my conclusion is:
download = Force Choke
upload = Force UnChoke

I am going to test this out by dl a linux distro with high seed and low seeds this will take some time
as I am upgrading to fiber optics ↓ 500 Mbit/s & ↑ 500 Mbit/s (i probarely wil not need the choke/unchoke with these speed)

if this is wrong please correct me.

more sources:                 Have read this article                                Have NOT read this article its too long

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