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file association

by philipdk1 on 2017/05/10 01:15:06 AM    
how do i associate .torrent and magnet links to tixati,
it had been working get but my brother installed a new
program and now it opens the files not tixati and i would
like tixati to do my downloading, i have tried turning
tixati off and restarting but that is not working

many thanks
by philipdk1 on 2017/05/10 01:48:30 AM    
i have the torrent files working but can get the magnet link to work
it keeps saying it is not the default program, and i keep clicking
on the button and nothing changes.

would reinstalling it do the job, but i have a large que of files and
i dont want to lose them, as it will take a month to get where i am
by BRMateus2 on 2017/05/10 11:26:01 AM    
The most easy way is to get into the Tixati settings, and Shell Integration; make sure you click into the Check Now for the links you need; your brother maybe has installed an client that enforces new file association every windows start, so the other ways:

Open the other software and make sure its shell integration is disabled.

You can start searching about "windows file association change" in google. Right click mouse to file, open with... tixati link.

Into the software interface, you will have an cool, small, plus signal in the top bar, click there and search for the torrent if you couldn't change the file association.
by bronan on 2019/08/13 02:15:12 AM    
I noticed that on any build from windows 10 file association does not work fom the client
But worse is that you end up having a huge problem doing it yourself as well.
Even the opn channel links are not added at all, even though this is fairly harmless.
I tried to add the associations myself but after a reboot of my system i am back at square one.
All 3 are reset to non existent at all .

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