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Need for speed!

by Fangz on 2013/08/07 04:54:14 AM    
I've been using tixati for a few days, and I love the UI, but the download speed is horrible.  Using a another P2P program, I quickly get at least four times the download speed of tixati.  I've reset to default, tried bandwidth limiting (a real throughput killer), and tried various tweaking, none of which seem to have a significant effect.  I'm not even sure what to try next....
OS = Win7
Firewall = windows and home router.

I have no problem getting connections, they are just SLOW!

Any suggestions on what I could try?
by DrTeeth on 2013/08/11 04:23:58 PM    
What is the 'other' program? I have no problem maxing out my fibre connection, though I do notice that some torrents are slower than they should be when connection is not maxed. They do not seem to dynamically adjust to the extra available bandwidth and the only way to get the speed to increase is to abort/delete the torrent and start it again - I use magnet links exclusively.

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