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Put my torrents in order
by loninappleton on 2017/04/20 11:23:32 PM
I lost it again. There had been a caret in the search box which when ticked puts things in order a to z or z to a.

How do I get that back? I cannot find it.

by mollykoddle on 2017/05/08 04:02:55 AM
Hi, I'm just a new user.. just discovered how to put my torrents in order - I clicked "Layout" in the toolbar, then selected "Sortable View" - hope that helps..
by loninappleton on 2017/05/11 01:36:54 PM
It will thanks.
Welcome to the tixati users.

by loninappleton on 2017/05/11 01:40:40 PM
Wait. I had "sortable" view on. Still looking for that 'down caret' in the search area which is clickable to sort up or down. I don't know how I lost it.

Perhaps one of the admins could say how to restore to default
while not messing up other settings which the program itself uses.

by BRMateus2 on 2017/05/13 12:20:07 PM
by loninappleton on 2017/05/21 01:25:28 AM
Just read through the other thread shown above and some showed more frustration with this than I.

This is all not helping.

Yes I can find Sortable in Layout like anyone else.
Doesn't seem to do any good.

One other weird thing I noticed was new downloads first appear in transfers below "z" or the last ordered item-- it's "Z" anyway.

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