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Where is Shutdown After Download Complete

by Guest on 2013/08/06 08:21:54 AM    
Usually i use uTorrent on my Laptop, i just currious to use TIXATI on my PC, yes it more simple..
One Question.. Where is Shutdown After Download Complete?
by Fangz on 2013/08/07 04:56:45 AM    
Right button the system tray icon... a surprising number of useful options are there.
by Guest on 2013/08/07 02:43:31 PM    
i cant find the system tray. can any one please specify? thank you
by Fangz on 2013/08/09 01:47:24 PM    
Are you using Windows?  If so, and it's not windows 8, it should be in your lower right hand corner. The small triangle should display all items, including hidden.
by Pete on 2013/08/11 10:10:43 PM    
You can also get this option when right-clicking on Tixati top menu (Home, Transfers, Bandwidth,...).
by Guest on 2014/11/24 07:10:32 AM    
Old thread still helping! Looked everywhere and could not find it. Never thought to right click.

by Guest on 2014/12/09 01:45:40 PM    
I too recently need this.
Thank you!
by Guest on 2015/01/18 08:18:50 PM    
Ditto.   Thanks.
by Guest on 2015/04/25 07:18:24 PM    
Me too, thanks!
by Guest on 2015/05/06 05:54:53 PM    
I need this too. Thanks.
by Guest on 2015/06/22 07:04:00 AM    
Woobidy doobidy shoobidy, thanks tixati.
by Guest on 2015/07/18 02:09:44 AM    
thanks for the info, found it =)
by Guest on 2015/08/13 04:51:55 AM    
by Radish on 2015/08/14 12:59:59 PM    
If you are using Tixati v2.16 (the latest stable version) you might find that Auto-Shutdown isn't working in that version - possible bug. See the following post for more details:
by Guest on 2018/12/10 06:11:22 AM    
This Saved Me!!!
by Guest on 2019/05/05 10:35:01 PM    
by Guest on 2020/10/09 09:15:54 PM    
by Guest on 2021/07/11 10:12:33 AM    
8 years later and still helping people! Cheers for this :)

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