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Error parsing mete-file

by gastoneh on 2013/12/22 02:59:04 PM    
Can someone help?
I am opening a torrent but I get the following error "Error parsing meta-file"
by Guest on 2013/12/25 12:15:25 AM    
The most common reason is a corrupt .torrent file or one with invalid data. You could try re-downloading the .torrent from the original site, or from a different site, or the same contents from a different torrent, if available.

Also make sure you're using the latest version of Tixati, if it's not the case.
by Guest on 2015/04/21 07:19:18 PM    
I get this message on every torrent I download?? Any help would be much appreciated
by Guest on 2015/04/21 10:15:09 PM    
sounds like you have a lot of bad torrents
by Guest on 2015/09/24 09:24:11 PM    
its quite impossible to believe that every single file I try to download has an error parsing file.... something aint right.. please help
by Guest on 2015/09/24 10:48:30 PM    
send some of those torrents to the devs with a small explanation (be sure to include where you got them).
by Guest on 2016/04/19 09:37:42 AM    
Try using the magnet link, worked for me
by Guest on 2016/09/16 03:15:38 AM    
Related to magnet: working . . . it's possible OP had logical folders setup, and was trying to move the .torrent before Tixati was able to read it.
I did notice when I bulk added files, they take some time to read-in BEFORE loading the data for a transfer. After I moved/deleted those files in the directory, Tixati shows "error parsing" under Status column.
by scottsummers06 on 2020/08/28 11:23:58 PM    
I'm also experiencing this error message for every torrent I've tried to download from different websites. I'm using the latest version of TIXATI: v2.74. I've been using TIXATI for over 6 years and it is the first time I've seen this issue. Could you help me?
Many thanks
by Guest on 2021/08/25 08:12:30 PM    
Hi i found this solution:

I work with this system
Linux User 5.4.0-72-lowlatency #80-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT
x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I had the same problem,
but i found the solution, simply run tixati from root
sudo tixati

I think there is a problem with permission.

Good Luck!
by Guest on 2021/08/26 09:25:26 PM    
Do NOT run Tixati as root or with sudo. Tixati does not need to be ran with root privileges so it shouldn't. You should instead fix your file and folder permissions. Here is an example. Let's say you save all your torrents to /home/john/Downloads/. You can replace the username and location with whatever you use.

The chown command changes file/folder owner and group.

$ sudo chown -R john.john /home/john/Downloads/


chown = change owner/group

-R = recursive

john.john = username/groupname

You should also do the same for your Tixati config files so Tixati can run as your normal user.

$ sudo chown -R john.john /home/john/.tixati/

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