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Error parsing mete-file
by gastoneh on 2013/12/22 08:59:04 AM
Can someone help?
I am opening a torrent but I get the following error "Error parsing meta-file"

by Guest on 2013/12/24 06:15:25 PM
The most common reason is a corrupt .torrent file or one with invalid data. You could try re-downloading the .torrent from the original site, or from a different site, or the same contents from a different torrent, if available.

Also make sure you're using the latest version of Tixati, if it's not the case.

by Guest on 2015/04/21 01:19:18 PM
I get this message on every torrent I download?? Any help would be much appreciated
by Guest on 2015/04/21 04:15:09 PM
sounds like you have a lot of bad torrents
by Guest on 2015/09/24 03:24:11 PM
its quite impossible to believe that every single file I try to download has an error parsing file.... something aint right.. please help
by Guest on 2015/09/24 04:48:30 PM
send some of those torrents to the devs with a small explanation (be sure to include where you got them).
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