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fantasy feature - ability to invite select seed/peer to chat

by Bugmagnet on 2013/12/16 09:35:05 AM    
function: build potential for social interaction between users seeking/sharing similar media
risk: social engineering

also, ability to send PM to seed/peer

these would of course be limited to other tixati users since the channels and PMs are proprietary afaik.

would be nice to send msg to a sole peer that their sharing is appreciated and that it is hoped they stay online until the torrent is completed and the DL peer can become a 2nd seed.
by Guest on 2015/11/27 02:25:40 AM    
I Think This idea is great.
listing Tixati clients diffrently and inviting them to chat and seed is amazing.
they should work on that..
by cvbn on 2015/11/27 02:15:00 PM    
This would be nice if it didn't turn into a spam-fest.  They would have to add a feature to block messages from users not in a common channel already, or in contacts list.
by Guest on 2015/11/27 03:25:24 PM    
That would be great. To avoid spam maybe just placing a certain limit of time (like 3 secs for example) per message would made it.
by moonlightrider on 2015/11/27 08:10:47 PM    
Yeah, that would be nice but maybe would bring more trouble than joy. I mean spammers would love it!!
by Bugmagnet on 2015/11/28 07:58:21 PM    
I have thought too. Yes, there could/would be potential of social engineering.
Or "We are the RIAA and we're watching/logging your torrent activity."
maybe to could be limited to an exchange of standard fixed messages.
"Thank you for sharing"
"I'm at 97%. Will you be able to help me finish?"

an  URL filter... like spammers find that challenging eh?

and a sharing connection would be required. If someone gets abusing or spams, poof, they get disconnected and ignored/blocked perhaps for a preset time to see if they have learned their lesson.

maybe as a simple text/msg column without a popup?

maybe only an invite to chat first, that must be accepted before any text/chat can be sent? with maybe again some standard reason given for asking to chat?
by Guest on 2016/09/25 06:45:03 PM    
Requiring already being in contacts to send is a hindrance. Without a hard limit for limiting unwanted messages... You can always ignore the peer in Peers tab.

Chat being limited to Tix users would be great to have once usage takes off. :D
by Guest on 2018/03/15 12:07:26 PM    
i would love and could really use this feature, like, for example, for 2 years now i'm trying to download a certain torrent with rare and unique contents, and i'm still stuck at 9%:(...  i was able to get the contents thanks to a different torrent, almost exactly same contents, only different name, now, lately, i've been seeing people starting the one that's stuck at 9%, only to see them quit after being stuck at 9%for a couple of weeks, how can i let them know there exists a version that is complete and that i'm willing to seed for them? i know i hated the feeling of: "*not being able to use my m*sch1ne(groovebox) i paid a lot of money for because my accompanying dvd was broken and the original pc the software was installed on was stolen wich meant that the account(login,password,...)was lost as well, thanks to the "no support" of N*t1ve InstrĂ¹m3nts i was getting very frustrated and hopeless*" untill i stumbled on the right magnet-link somewhere very far hidden on an obscure and small torrent-site and i want to spare these people the same sh*t....
by Guest on 2019/06/24 03:05:03 PM    
That would be great.
To avoid spam and social engineering it could be limited to peers in a torrent file.
This feature is really needed.
by Guest on 2019/06/25 12:31:15 PM    
Most of us, me anyway,  are not torrent engineers to know all the fine points of what does what.  On this topic I thought that from the description that FOPNU, whatever that is, had the chat feature.

I never wanted to switch off of Tixati.  But it sounds like that was not the

It's a good idea but how does it differ from a "Please Reseed" message at a torrent forum sight?  Frankly, because of those social engineering issues, I never go to the forums either.  But my interest is the same as messages above: rare media that I could host but don't have access.  My list gets world attention.  There's liable to be a significant language barrier.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/26 02:10:05 PM    
wow.. I offered that suggestion over 5 years ago.
Interesting too that the first reply back then took almost 2 years...

obviously, this would be limited to msgs between tixati users since there is no other torrent client I know of that has such a feature.

And as others mentioned, some filters would be useful if this ever got implemented, including perhaps plain text only on initial msg. No URLs, links or email addresses ... maybe until receiving party gives permission to send such information. A little like how tixati flags posts including certain things for moderator approval.

then there is the potential for dirty tricks and state actors... social engineering ... perhaps to direct the unsuspecting to a URL or file containing malware etc..

But what can happen in a PM that can't happen in a channel? needs a thorough think process.

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